Welcome to Greece, a land of ancient wonders, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Let’s explore 10 places that will show you why you should book your flight today. From historical sites to island getaways, Greece has something for everyone. Let the journey begin! 

10. Meteora

Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking rock formations, discover hidden beaches and also enjoy the delicious local cuisine. Meteora, meaning “suspended in the air”, is famous for its monasteries on top of towering rocks. These ancient monasteries date back to the 14th century and are simply breathtaking.

When it comes to beaches, there’s a hidden gem waiting for you to discover. If you head to the nearby coastal town of Volos, you’ll find the beautiful beaches of Pagasetic Gulf. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or water sports, these beaches offer something for everyone.

Try local foods like moussaka, souvlaki, and spanakopita. Don’t forget to try the local specialty, tsipouro, a strong distilled liquor. Given that each monastery is closed on one day of the week, we recommend at least a 2-day stay in Meteora to visit all 6 of the monasteries.

aerial view of orange brick castle near steep rock cliff
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brown rock formation near body of water during daytime
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9. Delphi

Delphi is known as the “navel of the world” and was once considered the center of the universe by the ancient Greeks. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Delphi Archaeological Museum. If you’re not interested in a history lesson, Delphi offers much more. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, whether you want to relax under the sun or you’re into water sports, Delphi has it all. Don’t miss Ithea and Galaxidi Beach.

As for the food… Enjoy traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki, and fresh seafood caught right from the Aegean Sea, pair them with a glass of local wine or ouzo, traditional Greek liquor.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bathing suit and let’s go!

the sun is shining over the ruins of the ancient city
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delphi, ancient site, greece
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8. Corfu

Welcome to the amazing island of Corfu. It’s located in the Ionian Sea. Aside from it’s lovely beaches, Corfu offers interesting history, delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere from the locals.

Corfu Town, the capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see when visiting the island. If you’re into more village-oriented vacation, then Paleokastritsa and Kassiopi are places for you.

Paleokastritsa is famous for its crystal-clear waters and stunning cliffs, while Kassiopi is more quiet and offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities, including landscapes and ancient ruins.

Let’s talk about beaches. Glyfada Beach is always a good choice, the beach is sandy and the water is unbelievably clear. Sidari Beach is famous for its rock formations, which includes the iconic Canal d’Amour. Legend has it that if couples swim together in the Canal, they’ll stay in love forever.

If you want a beach that’s a little more secluded, head on over to Agios Georgios Beach, it’s definitely a slice of your own personal paradise.

An interesting fact about Corfu is that the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, lived on Corfu island for a period of time. So when you’re walking around the island, keep in mind that you’re walking in the footsteps of great thinkers.

As for the food, make sure to try the local specialty, sofrito, a dish made with thinly sliced beef with garlic and white wine sauce. Also, try the traditional Greek salad, and baklava for dessert.

Pack your bags and lets explore!

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7. Nisyros

If you’re searching for a special and less-traveled place for your next destination, then Nisyros is the perfect choice.

Did you know that Nisyros is actually a volcanic island? It is home to one of the most well-preserved and active volcanoes in Greece, called Stefanos. You can even take a hike to the volcano’s crater and see it up close, just be prepared for the strong smell and clouds of dust, especially when the wind blows. What’s also interesting to see is black volcanic sandy beaches. There are many organized tours to visit, prices start from just 8€ for children under 16, and 16€ for adults.

One of the must-see places on Nisyros is the beautiful village of Mandraki, which is home to 682 people. The whole village looks like something out of a postcard with its white houses and colorful doors. If you’re visiting the village, make sure to visit the Monastery of Panagia Spilani that is overlooking it, the views are absolutely stunning.

Just a short boat ride from Kos Island, Nisyros is easily reached for your next adventure. 

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nisyros, mandraki, the sun
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6. Kos

Welcome to the lovely island of Kos, birth place of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

What makes Kos special are the amazing sandy beaches, including Tigaki, Magic and our personal favorite Paradise Beach. What also makes it a perfect vacation destination is the fact that the whole island is very bike friendly, with plenty of bike-paths and rentals available. Another fun option is renting buggies and quads, the island is full of them and it gives you an unforgettable experience while exploring the island. Quad rental starts at around 75€.

If you want to learn about Kos and explore everything, aside from the beaches, make sure to visit Kos Town and the medieval castle. Next on your list should be Asclepeion, an ancient sanctuary where Hippocrates once taught and practiced medicine, it also offers some stunning views of the island. The entrance fee is 8€ for adults.

If you’re looking for views, also visit Zia Village where the views from Mount Dikeos will leave you speechless. After that, if you’re still hungry for more history lessons, visit Antimachia Castle, built in the 14th century and completely free to visit.

Be sure to explore Kardamena and Kefalos for lively vibes and beautiful beaches in Kardamena, while Kefalos offers a traditional Greek village experience. 

As for the food, gyros is the way to go. We basically lived on them for the whole week.

Perfectly located for island hopping, Kos is perfect for one-day trips to nearby treasures like the volcanic wonders of Nysiros and there’s even a change to visit Turkey, with just a 20 minute boat ride. 

the asclepion, kos, hippocrates
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5. Crete

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is a perfect vacation destination, whether you love history, nature or food.

According to Greek mythology, Crete is where Zeus, the king of the gods, was born. It also has its own unique language and traditions, different from the rest of Greece.

Begin your tour by visiting Chania, the former capital and the second-largest city of Crete. Next, head to Crete’s capital, Heraklion. For a full history lesson, visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. After visiting the former and the current capital, it’s time for a swim… Balos, Falassarna and Elafonisi Beach are a paradise for beach lovers with crystal-clear waters and pink sand. And then, some more history in the form of Spinalonga Island and the ruins of a Venetian fortress.

Try local specialties such as moussaka, dakos, and kalitsounia. Olive oil, cheese, and fresh produce are a must in Cretan cuisine. 

Whether you enjoy hiking, snorkeling, diving, or simply exploring nature, Crete offers it all. Let’s go! 

The church of saint peter in the town of sicilia
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brown concrete building near green trees during daytime
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4. Mykonos

Mykonos, also known as the “Island of the Winds” is a breathtaking island in the Aegean Sea. Whether you love beaches, history, or food, Mykonos has something for you. Here’s why you should visit…

The nickname “Island of the Winds” comes because of strong summer winds, perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. It’s also famous for its iconic windmills, which have become a symbol of the island’s charm.

No trip to Mykonos is complete without exploring the maze-like streets of Mykonos Town, also known as Chora. If you follow the beach, you will soon find the famous windmills. The area is open to the public who can walk up the dirt path on the small hill and enjoy the view of the old port of Mykonos and Little Venice.

The island is home to beautiful beaches, including Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Psarou Beach, so if you want to relax and have a day in the sun, you know where to go… 

If you’re looking for a piece of history, you can explore Delos Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ancient Greek sanctuary. It is also a birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, children of Zeus.

As for the food, try moussaka, souvlaki and fresh seafood. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try loukoumades, sweet honey dough balls.

Pack up your bags and let’s start our Mykonos adventure.

windmills, mykonos, travel
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mykonos, greece, windmills
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3. Rhodes

Welcome to Rhodes, ranking strongly at number three on our list. It’s famous for its long history, lovely beaches, and tasty food. With more than 300 sunny days each year, it is a perfect vacation spot.

Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands (a group of 15 larger and 150 smaller Greek islands), it covers around 1400 square kilometers. People have lived in Rhodes since ancient times, which makes it one of Europe’s oldest inhabited spots.

Did you know that the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, used to stand at the island’s harbor entrance.

Let’s begin our tour. First up is a journey back in time at the Medieval City of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the Palace of the Grand Master and soak in the breathtaking views of the city.

Next up is Lindos Acropolis.. Explore ancient ruins, like the Temple of Athena Lindia, and enjoy the views. Don’t miss the chance to visit the charming village of Lindos while you’re there.

If you’re looking for an adventure, head on over to Prasonisi Beach. What makes it special is that you can swim in two seas at once!  Also, when the tide is low, a sandbar connects the main island to a small one. You don’t see that every day.

Last but not least, Valley of the Butterflies for some peace and quiet, surrounded by thousands of butterflies.

No visit to Rhodes is complete without trying the local food. Try souvlaki, moussaka, seafood mezes and loukoumades. You’ll definitely want to have seconds.

Go pack your bags and start making memories!

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2. Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece, is a fascinating mix of ancient history and modern vibes. Being over 3000 years old, it is the birthplace of democracy. The name comes from Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

The first modern Olympic Games were held there in 1896, and again in 2004.

When in Athens, visit the Acropolis. Located on a tall hill with the famous Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. The views from up there are seriously amazing.

Right by the Acropolis there is Plaka, the oldest part of Athens. It’s filled with cute shops, little restaurants and adorable houses. A really cool experience of stepping back in time.

Last but not least, the National Archaeological Museum offers a really interesting history lesson. You even have the chance to see the famous Mask of Agamemnon.

But, Athens isn’t just about history, it’s got some awesome beaches too. If you want to relax head on over to Vouliagmeni Beach. If you like a little more crowds, soft sands and beach bars, visit Glyfada Beach. If you want a quiet spot, perfect for snorkeling, visit Eden Beach,

As for the food, there are the classics.. Souvlaki, moussaka and baklava 24/7!

Athens has something for everyone, whether you’re into history, beaches, or delicious foods. Let’s go!

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1. Santorini

Welcome to Santorini! The island’s name comes from “Santa Irene”, meaning “Saint Irene” in Venetian.

Did you know that Santorini’s origins trace back to a massive volcanic eruptions around 3600 years ago, which is the main reason for Santorini’s unique landscape today?

Visit Fira, the capital of Santorini since the 18th century. It is said that it’s a village that never sleeps. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking views, we recommend visiting early in the morning when it is all very quiet. Visit the Archaeological Museum and learn about the people who made Santorini what it is today.

Next, visit Oia, the most visited village in Santorini and the second largest after Fira. The village is known for it’s picture-perfect scenery, and the amazing sunsets are the main reason for that. If you want the best view, climb to the Oia Castle and get ready to be amazed.

One of the best preserved ancient ruins in the area is Akrotiri. You have the chance to explore the Minoan civilization that lived there thousands of years ago (3000 B.C.). The site attracts couple of thousands visitors every year.

If you’re in the mood for a swim, visit the Red Beach. What makes it special is that it has red volcanic cliffs and warm sand, a perfect spot for swimming and catching a tan. If you want to see what a black pebble beach looks like, visit Kamari Beach. And if you’re in the mood for sports, visit Perissa Beach.

Food is classic Greek, including Greek Meze, fresh seafood and the special Santorinian Tomatokeftedes, a crispy snack made with sweet Santorini tomatoes.

Santorini truly is a full package, earning first place on our listt. No matter what you’re looking for, Santorini promises an unforgettable experience.

Santorini, Greece
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white and blue concrete building near body of water during daytime
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